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  • Enter your household budget into the MyXtraMoney™ Split-Dollar-Deposit™ Calculator
  • Select a vehicle you are want to purchase
  • Use your Refund to make your auto loan payments

Our Financial Advisors use our Split-Dollar-Deposit™ Schedule, changing the way you bank so you can experience having all bills, and savings paid on 75% of the cost. This generates up to 25% of the money you direct deposit, spend, and save when you follow our Split-Dollar-Deposit™ Schedule for automated banking.  Then we use your found money to pay your lender for your auto loan, and place any overages into your Acorns®, Robinhood®, or SigFig® Account.  The self directed dividend will not have a negative affect on your household finances as you will still have all your bills paid on time, and all your normal monthly savings saved.

The MyXtraMoney™ Split-Dollar-Deposit™ Calculator is based on an FDIC® insured banking and eBill-Pay strategies that on average, will immediately generate $1,143+/month profits per household. Results based on your total monthly cost of living.  (Refund is self-directed, is not a loan, or investment, and financial benefits are not interest based.)

Following the Cash-Flow Circulation Schedule will unlock an additional $1,000 – $2,000+/month in profits.

Please click continue to get started.  Please enter your net monthly income for your household into the calculator along with the actual amount you spend on bills and expenses.  Make sure when you type in your amounts, add ".00" ( Example, if your income is $2800, then please type $2800.00 for each income and expense. Otherwise it will register as $28)