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Universal ReSpend25 Calculator

ReSpend25,, and the Universal ReSpend Calculator™ are underwritten by pāyZero® Incorporated © 1994-2022. All Rights Reserved.

Filling in the Universal ReSpend25 Calculator will determine the maximum digital margin your finances will allow.

Once you have entered your financials into the ReSpend25 Calculator, our Financial Counselors will discuss your maximum calculated payment amount that can be saved, or paid to your lenders, and open the opportunity for you to become a Member.  All members can have their benefits swept towards financial planning, or down payment for a mortgage without depleting their savings, without re-writing their budget, and while all of your monthly bills are paid on time, in full, with no NSFs.

If you are financing a vehicle, make sure that you're looking to finance at least $4,000 for...

  • a new or used car, truck, minivan, or SUV for personal use
  • a 2011 model year or newer vehicle with fewer than 120,000 miles
  • a vehicle that is available at a participating dealership

The EBF uses a simple “Addition by Subtraction” calculation specifically designed so people with a steady income and direct deposit can afford to contribute towards debt without exhausting savings.

  • No budgeting
  • No cutting expenses
  • No special payment arrangements

When you are keying in your financial information, make sure you type in your amounts and add ".00" (for example, if your income is $2800, then please type $2800.00 for each income and expense. Otherwise, it may register as $28)

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Full  Financial  Disclosures: Opting into ReSpend25 binds our company, pāyZero® Incorporated to educate you, the borrower, on the benefits of using an Automated cash flow system. The contract becomes non-recourse should you, the client, no longer continue with your envelope banking strategy, or you choose to not use ReSpend at any time during the period your loan payments are due to your lender. At that point, you are solely responsible for paying your loan(s) with your manually budgeted resources. Your digital margin/float money is derived from our Respend25 algorithm. Float Money is generated over the course of the month. It is an investable asset that can be used as a reserve fund.  (The National Monthly Float Average per household is $1,100). Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, Minimum total household the expenses of $3,800/mo. after taxes., and Direct Deposit to an active Checking Account (no savings accounts) at a Bank (Accounts at Credit Unions do not qualify unless it’s USAA®)