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    Paying your own bills is easy, like riding a bike… and you don’t need any help. We are not here to help you pay bills.   

    If you have a household budget over $3,500/month, we are here to cut your cash outlay towards your monthly bills and expenses in Half. Charitable contributions from LaRiba Outreach provides PāyZero® with grant money that must be paid out to people paying their bills with Bill-PayPro™.

    So, we are not here to just “help” you pay bills you are already paying.

    We are here to increase your net worth by using our Trust Fund to gradually lower the amount you pay towards your monthly household expenses by 50% within 3 years.

    This is your opportunity to invest the difference, become Financially Free, and live the American Dream.

    Please click the continue button to get started.  Make sure when you type in your amounts, add ".00" (for example, if your income is $2800, then please type $2800.00 for each income and expense. Otherwise it will register as $28)

    Disclosure: PāyZero® Inc., is a Financial Freedom Network, Consumer advocacy Service, and Credit Agency.  The base of our services is rooted in our Automated Bill Pay platform Bill-PayPro™.

    Bill Pay/Cash Back

    Your Cash Back starts off immediately with PāyZero® placing $250/mo. - $5,000/mo. into your account with a qualified brokerage within our network just because you chose Bill-PayPro, and allowed PāyZero® to cover 100% of your monthly household bills and expenses without any compromises. ¹This covers the first 90 days of service. From there LaRiba Outreach provides all brokerage account deposit benefits.

    ²In cases where the consumer utilizes the Decreasing Cost of Living Rider, PāyZero® Inc., will accept funding from LaRiba Outreach, Inc., a non-profit organization that will offset the cost of your monthly household expenses beginning with a 10% per month contribution at the beginning of the 4th month, all the way to 50% per month contribution in years 4 and 5.

    If you chose the Decreasing Cost of Living Rider, the LaRiba Outreach disburses cash back that PayZero® deposits into an account you establish at a qualified financial brokerage TD Ameritrade®/Charles Schwab® or TradeStation® should you opt for stocks, or you can go through platforms like Coinbase® or Kraken® for cryptocurrency.

    The Credit Agency

    The Bill-PayPro™ (the BPP Score™) as a credit approval and decisioning system based on your net household income, budget, and online bill pay usage to determine your "new credit affordability" will revolutionize your opportunity to establish credit that does not place you in financial hardship. Credit decisioning and loan term recommendations stem from an artificially generated BPP Score™.

    The BPP Score™ will be especially helpful for those with a low credit score with the major bureaus.  The BPP Score™ is generated after a consumer has successfully paid household expenses through the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay System for 90 consecutive days.  The strategy behind the Bill-PayPro™ translates into a doable financial plan for your household. Paying your household living expenses through Bill-PayPro™ makes you eligible to include you as a beneficiary in the Bill Pay Trust Fund.

    In cases where the consumer utilizes Bad Credit Forgiveness, the dividend pool represents the funds used to ensure participants never have to make out-of-pocket payments towards their PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card as long as they continue to pay their household living expenses through Bill-PayPro™. Upon card usage, dividend proceeds can be disbursed to cover the balance of the PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card evenly over a 12-month period. Participants can choose to use your own resources if you need accelerate lowering your card balance in order to increase your FICO® score with the other major credit agencies.

    All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  PāyZero® has Zero access to your bank account(s).  The PāyZero® Credit Agency is a FinTech (Financial Technology) company, and not a bank.  In 2024, PāyZero® will provide Credit Advocacy services, credit decisioning, loan term recommendations based on consumer affordability, a Visa/MasterCard credit card, BaaS (Banking as a Service) all stemming from the results of consumers having their monthly household expensed paid through the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay Platform, and the accompanied BPP Score™.

    *Bill Pay Services are provided through our corporate accounts at BlueVine® online and Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®. Bluevine accounts are FDIC® insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®.  See the Coastal Community Bank Privacy Policy.  Bill-PayPro™ is a SaaS underwritten by PāyZero® Incorporated © 1994 – 2024. All Rights Reserved.

    Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $3,500/mo. and a maximum of $10,000/mo. in household and lifestyle expenses. For the best results, you need to add as many bills and expenses as possible to our user interface platform.